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With over 35 years' worth experience in the industry, Matthew And Son Engineering is privately owned and specializes in the manufacturing and sales of precision machined components. 


With our focus on customer satisfaction, management strives to create an equilibrium for customers between cost, quality and time whilst meeting all customer and statutory requirements through our quality management system.


In order to achieve the above, quality objectives are set, monitored and evaluated in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 requirements.


These objectives in turn support the strategic direction of the business. Management is dedicated to the continuous improvement of our processes and has committed itself to implementing and maintaining our quality standard in all activities and processes.





At Matthew And Son Engineering we use creative cost management tools. These ensure that any client receives an estimated cost, before committing to any project, knowing that we have compared items like methods of manufacture and material options, to provide the most cost effective way of manufacturing custom components without loosing quality or precision. We are happy to work with clients in finding the most cost effective option for both parties.



Quality is the ultimate objective of every delivery at Matthew And Son Engineering. We utilize only high grade, precision equipment, coolant and tooling in order to guarantee quality machining to meet our customers satisfaction at all times. By incorporating random mid- manufacture quality control inspections, we reduce inaccuracies and maintain consistency in manufacture, saving the client and ourselves both time and money.



Project time management processes are used at Matthew And Son Engineering in order to optimize our schedule and scope thereby optimizing our time. If our time is correctly used and allocated, we shorten manufacture times, benefiting our clients. We try our best to accomodate all requested time deadlines for clients, that fall within our existing schedules. 


By focussing on these three fundamental solutions, Matthew And Son Engineering has been able to deliver outstanding quality service and products to clients without jeopardising quality or cost.


Our clients and customers privacy is important to us and so is the protection of their personal information. We have taken precautions to ensure clients and customers rights to data protection is ensured. To view our full company Privacy Policy, please click here.

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