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Matt Mayhew returned to South-Korea a second time for the 12th running of the DIMF along with Mike Lee from Puma Machine. Doosan Machine Tools has held the DIMF every two years since 1997 to introduce new technologies related to its newly developed machine tools to its customers. Since the first DIMF more than 30,000 customers have attended the biennial exhibition and over 500 machine tools have been introduced so far, earning it a reputation as an international exhibition.


Above: Mike Lee (Puma Machine Tools), Brian Dixon (Cliffsway Eng),Sean De Andrade (Sylton Eng), John van der Merwe (Simmer Eng), Griffith Smith (Wika Instrumenst), Matt Mayhew at DIMF 2019. 

Above: Matt Mayhew in front of the Puma SMX 3100 ST on display at DIMF.

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